ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you our professional Singing Telegram services! When you want to tell that certain someone something special on that special occasion, then let one of our professional performers say it for you! We have three different types of singing telegrams to offer:

1) Want something really fun and entertaining? Choose from one of our own trademarked Costumes/Comedy Characters. The performer will do one of our skits that can be customized using background info you give us about the guest of honor so they will know it was tailored just for them; then, they will sing a song appropriate for the occasion. This is a great idea for birthdays, baby showers, promotions, office parties or any ol' occasion!

2) Want to add some "Oomph?" Check out our Novelty Acts! B.B, Goth or Francois Fromage can do their "twisted" versions of any of our Costumes or Comedy Personalities; plus, they have several of their own kooky characters! Or, how about having our Celebrity Impersonators do a customized comedy act using background info you give us about the guest of honor, perform a song or two of theirs, followed by a song appropriate for the occasion.

3) Want something more serious? Choose one of our professional singers, such as:

and many more! These performers can convey your feelings to that special someone by using a variety of popular songs or standards (i.e., love songs, thank you songs, etc.), of your choosing. (For more about our singers, click onto our "Singers" link!)

So, give us a call and book a
Singing Telegram
for your upcoming event and you'll experience why we are


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