ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you a selection of professional singers for any occasion. Just click on a picture of a performer below to get more information. We only select professional bands whose fees vary depending on the occasion and circumstance to give you the most musical entertainment possible...

D Brown
He can sing just about anything that he puts his mind to, but prefers to sing urban and jazz music, which is only second to his first love, gospel.
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Sexy and mega-talented beauty is our most re-requested female entertainer! With the combination of her professional acting/singing background and charismatic personality.
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Karsten Durand
Very early on, it was evident that Karsten Durand was destined to collide with music.
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Cidney Mills
Fun-seeking, Atlanta-based song/writer delivers an eclectic mix of pop, hip-hop and classic soul.
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State Line Grocery Barbershop Quartet
2003 Dixie District Championship and outperformed 35 other quartets to win the championship. They have a combined total of 58 years barbershop experience
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River City Ramblers Barbershop Quartet
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Ain't Misbehavin' Barbershop Quartet
Entertaining Atlanta audiences ever since, with a repertory that includes a mixture of swing and pop favorites, barbershop classics and a few gospel tunes as well.
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Riptide Barbershop Quartet
As one of the most popular quartets in the Barbershop Harmony Society, Riptide travels the galaxy entertaining audiences with outstanding singing, side splitting stand-up, and a genuine love for performing. Whether you like traditional barbershop songs, doo-wop, Gospel or jazz, you are sure to love this foursome. Please don't ask them to rap.
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Excalibur Barbershop Quartet
John Moksnes, Greg Dolphin, John Korby, Greg Volk.
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