Costumes/Comedy Personalities

ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT takes great pride in providing for you our wide variety of trademarked costumes and comedy personalities. We offer these costumes and comedy personalities for our male and female Strip-o-Grams and Singing Telegrams at no extra charge. Our different costumes and comedy characters are as follows- Guys: Policeman (Officer McCop-a-Feel), Doctor (Dr. Luv, M.D.), Nerd (Zeek da' Geek), Pervert (Uncle Pervy), Cowboy (Studly Do-Right), and The Pizza Dude

Officer McCop-a-feel She's been a bad girl and he's coming to arrest her for that serious offense and make her assume the position and spread 'em!


Officer McHardbod This sexy law enforcement officer will show up to take him in for assault with a 'dead' weapon. If you like a woman in uniform, wait till you see her out of it!


Mimi - The French Maid If he's a dirty ol' man (or a dirty young man) this very attractive housekeeper will come out to clean up his act!


Nerdy Nadine She's had a crush on him for the longest time and now it's time to tell him about it. She looks awfully bad when she comes in, but she cleans up well in the end.


Nurse Nightingale The naughty nurse is coming to his aid because she heard that he was dead form the waist on down. And you better believe that she has just the cure for him


Preggy Peggy She's so mad that she's about to bust (in more ways than one) 'cause she ain't seen him in about nine months! (Get it?) Absolutely hilarious


The Cowboy There 's something about a guy in boots and a cowboy hat and not much more. So, hop on and let him take you for a ride!


Dr. Luv He's heard about her bad case of 'virginitis' and he's just the man to cure it. Don't worry, he's a professional and he knows how to use his thermometer (ha).


Zeek Da' Geek Ezekial Beauregard Baldowski III is his name and trying to win her heart is his game. He's a brainy computer nerd who'd like to download his data to her data banks through his harddrive.


Uncle Pervy He wants to come and visit her on her special day and may even sit her on his lap - but watch out! He has a serious panty fetish.


Pizza Guy He'll be there to deliver that hot steamy pizza with extra sausage! Have your cameras ready to catch her expression when he delivers more than just a pizza!

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