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Dr. P. J. Esterline's Cure All Medicine Man Magic Show


ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you our professional 'Specialty Acts' entertainment of Dr. Esterline for that special event!

Great for Re-enactments, festivals, fairs, and corporate / special events. Comedy and fun! -The medicine man "Snake Oil" style show is a unique approach to traditional magic! Dr. Esterline and his magical miracle "cures" arrive at the settlement today. The doctor will cure your every ailment with his snake oil remedies. A guaranteed hit for your civil war reenactment, folk festival, fair, trade show, or one of many other events. Dr. Esterline can perform anywhere.ĽA totally self-contained act, Dr. P.J. Esterline will cure all.

The Doctor has made numerous "house calls" to festivals, reenactments, fairs, and corporate events. Dr. P. J. Esterline will draw the crowd with his performance. Bus loads of people have returned year after year, just to see the Doctor again.

Interested in getting trade show attendees to stop at your booth? Dr. P.J. Esterline's cure all magic will do the trick! Far from the ordinary, the doctor is extraordinary!

With Dr. P. J. Esterline's Cure All Medicine Man Magic Show, you'll blow the competition away! He attracts attention. He keeps their attention. He'll promote your products and services.

Do you suffer from a lack of original entertainment? Do you suffer from the same old routine? Do you suffer from lack luster sales? Now is the time to have Dr. P. J. Esterline cure you!

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Dr. Esterline
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