Maw Buskins


ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you professional entertainment services from Maw Fuster Buskins for your special event!



Friendly Entertainment on Nashville's World Famous Music Row presents, Maw Buskins, Fuster's maw.






Every now and then Fuster brings his maw along to join him with his shows. She's a bit old, onery and cantankerous of course, but all in all, she's good hearted and well meaning down inside. Maw's antics bring audiences an extra heapin' helpin' of laughter added to Fuster's already hilarious show.


Maw sits back in her front porch rocker, the one she brung along fer the occasion. She causes Fuster all kinds of problems and embarrassments as he tries to do his show. Her constant interruptin' with hysterical tryin' to "straighten thangs out," her motherly comments, criticisms and unpredictable hillbilly hijinks, keeps the audience laughing from start to finish.


Between her wood whittlin', snuff spittin' and 'sneaking a snort' from her jug when nobody's ah lookin' (which is only to help her with the rumatiz), she joins with Fuster's songs on her washboard, her rumatiz jug and jangle tambourine. Maw is great addition to Fuster's show for audiences who could use a hysterical old hillbilly widow woman's touch.


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Maw Buskins
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