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Lucille Ball

ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you our professional Celebrity Impersonator service of Lucy for that special event!



Winner of the 2002 Cloney Award for Best Impersonation of A Female Broadcast Media Legend at the annual Celebrity Impersonators Convention, Melody is truly a "dead ringer" for the beloved Comedian. This professional actress, stand up comic, and comedy writer uses all her talents to create the beloved characters of Lucille Ball.

She has stomped grapes for The American College of Cardiologist in San Diego, romped with Ricky, Fred and Ethel for CNA Insurance in Miami.

She Performed stand up with "Legends of Comedy" in Jackpot, Nevada and Miami, skits with Ricky for Lucent Technologies in Mexico City, competed with Marilyn Monroe in a competition hosted by Elvis for Henry County Regional Hospital, harassed Jack Nicholson and stole Elizabeth Taylor's diamond ring for Unipro Foods ,horned in on Tina Turner's act for Seagrams , sang and danced with Minnie Pearl for Habitat for Humanity, and dumped cake on the C.E.O. of Lone Star Beverage.

She head locked and pinned a V.P. for Playtex Corporation been dragged off stage drunk by Groucho Mark and Laurel and Hardy after drinking too much "Vit-a-meat-a-vegamin" for Crisp Medical Center , danced and clowned with Bob Hope for Millken Corp . and "Lucyized" the entire "Gone With the Wind Movie" for The Atlanta Metro Travel Association.





*All celebrities above are impersonators
*Member IGCITA



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