Kele's Pacific Paradise


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From a one-girl show to a full group, Kele's Pacific Paradise has been performing professionally for over 25 years throughout 29 states on the average of 300 times each year for such venues as Six Flags, The Boston Museum of Art, Callaway Gardens and the Atlanta Braves.


Kele's Pacific paradise is fully approved by the Georgia Board of Education.


Performing for audiences ranging from small private parties to audiences exceeding 10,000 people from ages 2 to 100, they display their traditional and modern hulas in addition to exciting Tahitian fast grass skirts. The costumes are authentic, traditional and colorful.


The youngest sister, Lapeka, can teach several hulas, Tahitian movements island games by audience participation creating an atmosphere of entertainment and fun. Lapeka is perfect for a one-girl show when your friends and family want to celebrate their party "Hawaiian style"! By performing ageless traditions in authentic hulas costumes, even the most conservative guest will be entertained. For any age or gender, Lapeka will show them how to move their hips "Tahitian style" which is sure to be fun, exciting and just a little embarrassing. ALOHA!







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