Gordon Astley


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"To make your event unforgettable, and successful"





The above quote sums up Britain's Gordon Astley's attitude to his performance. An experienced performer for 3 decades he knows what his audience wants, and makes sure they get it. His "Mind over Matter" show will have your people not only enjoying themselves, but also finding out things about their minds they didn't know possible. You will be inspired and motivated as well as entertained by the experiments he gets the audience to get involved with.


Is he reading your mind, or are you reading his? You must be the judge, but believe me, you will be talking about him for months afterwards. Now living in the USA, Gordon Astley is bringing a "touch of class" to events.






At corporate events you may see a line of folk who can't wait for him to analyze their writing. He's one of the few Graphologists working in the commercial sector. A member of The Society of American Magicians Gordon Astley is also in demand as a first class Magician.


What about bringing in Gordon to teach your people the art of Tarot Reading? He can do it in a day, and your staff will soon be the life and soul of parties, as well as having learned a great life skill. And being British, imagine Gordon Astley as your Master of Ceremonies or Toastmaster. He can do that!! What are you waiting for? Get in touch soon.


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