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Dennis Ignatov's Dog and House Cat Show

ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you our Specialty Act entertainment of Dennis Ignatov's Dog and House Cat Show for that special event! His circus-style show can be performed almost anywhere and will dazzle the whole audience.

My name is Denis Ignatov. Being the fifth generation of Russian circus performers I present two acts - dogs and house cats. I currently work in the United States.

The idea of both acts belongs to my mother Violetta Ignatova. With the assistance of my father Victor Radokhov, who performed with teeterboard and trampoline acts at that time, she created and originally presented the dog act in 1987 in Russia.

The idea of the dog act seems simple, yet very hard to implement - all the dogs should be of only two colors - black or white, and all the tricks should change very fast from one another with the dogs running from behind the curtain and back making the presentation a true flash act.

This required a careful constructing of the act and the great deal of coordinated assistance from the backstage.

As to the house cat act, it was prepared here in the United States and first presented by my parents in 2001 Circus Boreal tour. The idea of the act was to make it look different from the dog act. Comedy presentation in the cat act opposed an all-swing retro style of the dog act (which can also be presented in traditional Russian style).


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