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ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you our professional Novelty Acts of BB for that special event!


BB is a 55 year old stand up comic. She calls herself "BB" because she can be anything you want her to be. She does a lot of different characters and writes the jokes about the guest of honor with the personal information you give her to make it a very personalized show. She does a "roast" on the "victim"; and, it can be as "squeaky clean" or as risqué as you like.


BB will do any of the characters listed below, as well as, putting her own wild spin on any of our trademark characters! She can also work with any of your suggestions. For an additional fee, she can even create something especially for your event. These acts can be done as a singing telegram or as a strip-o-gram. (BB strips to a conservative bikini.)


BB's Characters with Synopsis


Officer McDyke: Freeze!! Turn around, bend over, and assume the position. One false move and she'll take her billy-stick and......well, you get the picture.


Nurse Nincompoop: No wonder the Federal health care system is in the shape that it's in with a nurse like this making her rounds.


Old Marilyn: This is what Marilyn Monroe would look like if you dug her up today - after the pills, booze, Kennedys; and, of course, that whole being dead thing!


Pregnant Bag Lady: She's pregnant; he did it, and she's been lookin' for him for about nine months, now! What's he gonna do about it 'cause she ain't raisin' Junior by herself!


BB, the Biker Babe: She's a motorcycle chick in leather, chains, chaps, and biker jacket. They had a fling; but, he never called her back! She's been so lonely she only shaves one leg. That way, when she's alone in bed at night, it feels like she's with a man!


The Old Hooker: Her boobs used to be 36DD; now, they're a 36 long ! (Get it?) She used to be a stripper; but now, at her age, she just comes out butt neked and you'll pay her to put her clothes back on!


Retired Beauty Pageant Queen: She was " Miss Trailer Park" of Villa Rica, Georgia, 1969. She has all the hints to maintain youth and beauty - as she has, such as, hemorrhoid cream on your face to tighten the skin and make wrinkles disappear (of course, you'll look like ass!) This is an excellent show for women, as well as, men.

(Slutty) Golf or Tennis Pro: She's been teaching more than golf or tennis!


Drill Sergeant Do-right: Do it right or she'll make you drop down in push-up position and knock 'em out 'til she gets tired.


Obnoxious Party Guest: BB will come in as the date, friend of a friend, relative, etc. from Hell!


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