Dave Bass Ensemble

ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you our professional Musical Entertainment services of Dave Bass Ensemble for that special event!

The DBE is an organic blend of jazz, Latin styles, classic R&B, and Funk. The standard quartet consists of Dave Bass on vocals, saxophones, (soprano, alto & tenor), flute, and percussion. Rounding out the group is guitar, upright bass, and drums. Although we function primarily as a quartet, we also perform in trio, duo, and solo contexts.

The DBE was originally created in 1991 as a showcase for the works of Charles Mingus, Wayne Shorter, and Thelonious Monk, as well as unique arrangements of the music of the great American Songwriters; George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer, etc.


Over the years, we have expanded our original intent, incorporating other influences, Latin and Brazilian Music; (Jobim, Sergio Mendez, Pat Metheny), Rhythm & Blues ; (Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, classic Motown), Funk ; (James Brown, Al Green, Stevie Wonder), and Original Material in all of these styles.

While the DBE has it's roots in 'traditional jazz', we explore other styles with the same organic approach. Duke Ellington put it best; 'there are only two kinds of music; good and bad' - we can't agree more! The common thread that ties it together for us is what I I call a jazz aesthetic; an emphasis on improvisation, interpretation, and interaction. In other words, no two performances are the same, whether it's a jazz song, a well-known pop tune, or an original. We respect and study the traditions that have been laid before us - good music is good music, period!

In addition to concert performances, we often play private functions, (over 200 gigs a year total). In this context, we usually function as a four-piece band that does four styles of music; Jazz, Latin, R&B, and Funk - a range from Sinatra to Al Green , Billie Holiday to James Brown. We're not a Rock & Roll band, and we don't do cheese - The Electric Slide, the Macarena, or Shout, etc., because there is more than enough good music out there without pandering to this lowest common denominator. Our forte is good listening music and good groove music, at a volume where you 'feel' the music, not deafen grandma. To get a detailed overview of what we do for private functions & weddings ,please call.

Individual Biographies

David Bass Vocals, saxophones, flute, percussion, and anything that isn't nailed down...

David was born in Queens, New York, and was kidnapped to Atlanta at an early age by his parents. His father was a professional guitarist in New York in the 50's and 60's, playing jazz, rhythm & blues, folk, flamenco, and even a little country and rock & roll. Dave grew up listening, (and singing along to), the sounds of Billie Holiday, Errol Garner, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, and classical music, (Edward Elgar, Bach, Beethoven, etc.)

His first musical memories are sitting on his pop's knee, guitar on the other knee, listening to him sing and play all kinds of songs - standards like 'Madness,' 'Old Cape Cod,' and 'Begin the Beguine', folk songs; 'The Fox', and 'Tweedle-O-Twill,' country songs like 'Hey, Good Lookin'', bebop tunes, flamenco pieces; 'Malaguena', pop songs of the day, and his own songs.

Dave's first instrument of memory is a pair of drum brushes his father put in his hands as a toddler. This progressed to the pots and pans in the kitchen, (what a mess!), and glasses filled with water! Then, piano and music theory at 10, saxophone at 11, flute around 14, guitar at 15, professional singing in '93 (i.e. out of the shower), and, along the way - drums, upright bass, and flute again. David is largely self-taught and has persevered through some difficult times in his youth that forced him to discontinue playing for periods.

After working in restaurant & management for 10+ years, Dave created the DBQ in June of '91 as an outlet for his sanity, (it has yet to be determined whether this has helped or hurt!). At this same time, he started gaining experience with big bands, R&B outfits, variety groups, and other jazz ensembles.

The DBQ went full-time in late '96, and Dave continues his musical expansion, playing with Brazilian ensembles, Turkish bands, recording in a variety of musical contexts and writing original music that reflects his multitude of tastes.

Tim Delaney- Acoustic Bass

Tim comes from the sunny state of Florida and a long musical family lineage. His father and mother are music teachers at a Florida university, and his grandmother, (now in her 60's), stays busy as a freelance classical bassist with various symphonies. In addition to playing with the DBE, Tim is a founding member of the pop group The Sightseers, and came up from Florida with them. Tim is now a professional recording engineer and will soon be working from his own studio in Decatur!

Keith Runfolla- Drums

You can find Keith most nights, (when he's not playing with us), at the Ritzy Ritz-Carlton Downtown, playing with pianist Dan Lawrence and his trio. Keith is skilled at a wide variety of styles and knows when to play it soft, and when to really give it the go. Keith is a fan of vintage drums, and has a great old Gretch set that I'm jealous of, (you dog!).

Jazz & Swing

Latin & Brazilian

Rhythm & Blues


Classic Pop



Pat Metheny

Stevie Wonder
Al Green
Various Motown
Various Shag

James Brown
Al Green
The Meters

Van Morrison
Steely Dan

*** Plus, some Classical & Ethnic Music for special occasions, and Original Material!

Instrumentation: Vocals-Saxophones-Flute- Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Drums


House Band Appearances

  • The Four Seasons Hotel - June 01 - November 01
  • Apres Diêm - March 00 - August 00
  • Mangos - June 99 - August 99
  • Eclipse di Luna - January 99 - July 99
  • The Leopard Lounge - February 98 - January 99
  • The Grand Hyatt - February 98 - July 98
  • Fernbank Martinis & IMAX Fridays - March 96 - August 98
  • The Sidewalk Cafe (Norcross) - June 95 - Oct 95
  • Otto's in Buckhead - April 94 - April 95
  • Beans Coffeehouse - Sept 94 - Feb 95
  • The Red Light Cafe - July 93 - May 94
  • Shillings on the Square - Jan 85 - June 85

Extended and Guest Appearances

The Echo Lounge, Tongue & Groove, The Cosmopolitan, The Masquerade, Smith's Olde Bar, Mumbo Jumbo, The Martini Club , The Star Bar, Kaya, The Point, Eddie's Attic, The Homage, The Somber Reptile, and the list goes on...

Festivals and Social Events

  • The Atlanta Jazz Festival '93, '97, and '98
  • High Museum Artful Friday '95
  • Olympic 'Summer Sounds of Underground' Stage '96
  • The Montreux Music Festival '96
  • Emory Carlos Museum Bacchanal '97 and '99
  • Seven Stages Benefit, Cater Woolford Gardens '03

* * * Performing Private Functions since 1985 * * *
( Corporate Events, Private Parties, Wedding Receptions )

Freelance Artist

Rua 6 (Brazilian), Asha ( Turkish), Wild Rice (Latin), Jeni Michelson ('Society Express Band), Jim Tiernan (Blue Sky), Sherylyn Talent (Atlanta Transit), Carol Albert, Ricky Wynn, Craig Gleason, Gwen Hughes, Greg McLean & Laigh Langley, The Sightseers (Pop), Trio Nocturna (Celtic/Gothic), Kingsized (Rockabilly), Kelly Hogan, Frankie Lee & The Solid Senders (Blues/R&B)

As a Guest on Recording Projects

  • Chris Brann - ( HBO - Six Feet Under )
  • Rua 6 - ( Loca Luna )
  • Jeannie Johnson & Crush - ( Her Own Devices )
  • The Lost Continentals - (Moonshine and Martinis )
  • 3 Lb. Thrill - < ( '98 - unreleased )
  • Belloluna - ( Pleasant music for Nice People '96 , and Livid & Loving it '98 )
  • Rusty Johnson - ( My Dad's got a Barn '93 )

The following are excerpts from the many letters we have received over the years...

From Private Clients...

"All we can say is WOW. That was the most fun either of us has had at a wedding and fortunately for us, it was our wedding! We weren't sure if people would dance but you got people out on the dance floor. We got so many compliments from our guests about the band and how much fun they were having. Co-workers who went to our wedding are still raving about you. Needless to say, we will recommend you and the band to anyone who needs musicians for any party, reception, etc."
Chris & Kelly Adamson (10/27/96)

"You did an outstanding job! Thank you for all the attention to detail."
Lily & Jim Savage (6/22/97)

"We truly enjoyed your music and especially appreciated the time you took to learn our first dance song. We also want to thank you for allowing my father and our good friend Nicole to sing a tune. That was above and beyond ..."
Elizabeth & Steve Murphy (9/20/97)

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your band! Everybody at our wedding had wonderful things to say about you. When people ate you played wonderful softer tunes and then, when we were ready to "rock 'n roll" you got everybody on the dance floor. Todd had never seen his family dancing that much ever! He could not believe it!!! We are looking back on our wedding reception with the fondest memories, thanks to you. In addition, we will not miss an opportunity to recommend your band."
Todd & Catherine Atwood (11/17/97)

"We really appreciate the time and effort you put into learning the Freylach and Israeli numbers. The circle and Israeli dancing was one of the high points of the day. And you guys sounded great!!! ...We will wholeheartedly recommend you and the quartet to our friends."
Allen & Michelle Sokoloff (4/5/98)

"... everyone loved the music and we couldn't have asked for better!"
Patrick & Candace McCaffery (5/25/98)

"We are especially grateful that you learned our song on such short notice. It was great, and if you didn't notice, it made Kate cry. .Thanks again for playing for us, and also for putting up with the sometimes frantic phone calls."
John and Kate Spillane (10/10/98)

"We had a wonderful time on our wedding night, and absolutely loved the band! You were fantastic to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know. If I am ever in another situation where I would be in need of a band I would absolutely think of you first."
Kimberly Lusink (5/8/99)

"April and I wanted to get back with you just to say how pleased we were with our reception music. The band was a big hit with all the guests."
Steven and April Gilbert (5/15/99)

"Elizabeth and I really enjoyed your contribution to our wedding reception... The Carlos Museum will never be the same..."
Bill and Elizabeth Borland (5/29/99)

"Thanks for sharing in our special day. You guys are wonderful.
Kyle and Julie McNeal (9/4/99)

"Thanks so much for making the reception memorable. The 1st dance was perfect... thanks for the extra effort.
Brett and Stacy Chapman (10/2/99)

"It was great talking to you at a friend's wedding recently at Callanwolde. Seeing you perform further reinforced that we made the right decision to have you as our wedding band..."
Kevin Lee and Nancy Hughes (11/6/99)

"Thanks so much for making our wedding even more wonderful!!!! Everyone loved you guys. Andy and I had an amazing honeymoon and are back at work (YUCK!)"
Sandra Sack (11/11/99)

"Your quartet was absolutely perfect for the space and the music was exactly what Clay and I wanted. We were flooded with all kinds of compliments about you and your music and we thank you for being a part of such a magical night for us."
Sarah and Clay Davies (12/4/99)

"From the first time I talked with Tara to the time Jim and I had our first dance, all of you made us feel so special. Thank you."
Jim and Sharon Pierce (3/25/00)

"Richard and I wanted to send you a note to thank you, Tara, and the band for all of your great work at our wedding reception. From the point of asking you to send us information all the way through the reception, you and Tara have been a pleasure to work with. You are so well organized that you make it easy on your clients to plan the perfect music for the event. You also did a beautiful job with the ceremony music; we loved your combination of the traditional song selections with the less often used sound of the flute and classical guitar. And at the reception, you controlled the volume and pace perfectly. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference if the need should ever arise."
Jen and Richard Wike (6/17/00)

"How wonderful our song sounded - than you so much for learning that for us! The ceremony music was just beautiful as well. Everyone commented on how classy our reception was - we owe a lot of that to you!"
David and Holly Green (9/17/00)

"I wanted to write you and let you know how pleased we were with the Dave Bass Ensemble. Many of the guests asked, "Who is the music?" and really enjoyed the show. I'd love to be on your mailing list so I could enjoy your music without the stress of being the bride."
Stephanie L. Garrison (7/3/01)

"Everyone still talks about the Dave Bass band and how awesome your music was at our wedding. We truly enjoyed all of your selections and are being asked for your CD. Many of our family members and friends want to hear your band play. Hopefully you will soon produce a CD; it is a guarantee that they will be purchased."
Lisa and Dave Dicaprio (8/4/01)

"I wanted to thank you for making our celebration fantastic. You guys are awesome!! Everyone was very impressed. We'll spread the word! Thanks again."
Heather Colby (11/10/01)

"I hope you enjoy playing at the Carlos. We like having you and the band. I will keep the wedding couples coming your way." Leigh Burns, Manager of Visitor Services, Michael C. Carlos Museum (2/13/03) "I love what you've written about 'tunes we will not play.' I would add no hokey pokey, electric slide, celebration, we are family... but think with the DBQ, it needs not be said - and that's a great feeling!"
Jennie Rivlin (3/9/03)

"I should tell you, we've received nothing but compliments from many of our guests about how great the band was. "Where did you find that band?" "What was the band's name?" "That band was terrific!" we heard, again and again, and we were happy to tell them who you were and anything else they wanted to know. Second, you and the band did a splendid job: mixing up the music, dropping in the vocals, and coping with the rather strange layout and all the short-notice stuff - the processional and recessional, the determination of the cantor to have certain music played, and all the rest. You guys were professionals all the way.
Todd (and Sarah) Leopold, Entertainment Editor, CNN (12/21/03)

... from local Businesses...

"The Dave Bass Quartet was one of the highlights of the evening. As guests danced until late in the evening, it was evident the crowd truly enjoyed themselves. We had several phone calls the following week with people singing your praises. I will keep you in mind when planning our next function, and will recommend the band to others needing great entertainment. I hope to see you perform in Atlanta again soon."
Gail Habif Coordinator of Public Services Michael C. Carlos Museum (10/24/97)

"... your music added just the right touch to our gathering. I heard several conference attendees talk about spending a little time Friday evening at Fernbank just to hear the quartet again!"
Sara Nell Langland, Chair, Local Arrangements Committee 8th National Urban Forest Conference (10/27/97)

"On behalf of Kimball Hall, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being so accommodating each time you provide music for various events at Kimball Hall. Your enthusiasm, courtesy and promptness is beyond reproach. Our clients are always very complimentary."
Cynthia Wilson President Kimball Hall, Roswell (10/29/97)

"We continually get calls from customers saying how impressed they are with your talent and vast array of songs. The Dave Bass Quartet is a huge asset to The Leopard Lounge and has been instrumental in our successes so far."
Ken Rickenbaker Owner The Leopard Lounge (6/98)

"It is always a pleasure to have you play for our guests. Your music is of the highest caliber and your manner is always professional. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone needing great entertainment."
John Kennedy, Food & Beverage Manager, Grand Hyatt Atlanta (6/5/98)

"Thanks to the Dave Bass Quartet's exceptional performance, Riverkeeper's Champagne Reception hosted by Ted Turner was a success!"
Clare S. Richie, Development Director, Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (5/18/99)

And from Ted's daughter, Laura Seydel, on the same event: "Thanks Dave! You all were terrific. We look forward to seeing you December 3rd if not before then."
Laura Seydel (5/18/99)

"I book entertainment throughout the year, and was impressed with how professional and organized you and your office seemed to be. I look forward to working with you more in the future.
Gary Lanneau, Jr. Clubhouse Manager Piedmont Driving Club (5/99)

"There are two things I can always count on when we work with the Dave Bass Quartet. The first is the great sound of the band, and the second is that Tara always makes sure that all of the performance details are taken care of. Tara is great to work with and makes my job as event coordinator a whole lot easier. Because of her, the music is the one part of an event I never have to worry about. I look forward to working with you and Tara on future events."
Randy Stone, Promotion Manager, Atlanta Magazine (7/7/99)

"I just wanted to thank you for your services last Tuesday at the Biltmore. The music was fabulous! I look forward to working with you all in the future!"
Quay Hargrove Project Coordinator, Member Services Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (8/16/99)

"FABULOUS! Thank you so much for making us look good! The Dave bass Quartet was the perfect choice for our 1999 Client Gaga at the Biltmore Ballrooms last Tuesday! your style fit right in with the ambiance of the evening! One of my guests made a point to tell me how wonderful your band was, as they recalled last year's party when the music was too loud and the sound too much for our type of event. Wish we had you then! You have such a wonderful reputation in the Atlanta special events industry, and we're so glad we chose you for our very important event."
Regina Gulick Market Sales Manager Atlanta Bride Magazine (8/26/99)

"Every client who comes in our office knows of you..." Sandra Scott Picture This! Photography "Thank you so much for helping us entertain the masses at our Annual Wedding Industry Party and Best of Atlanta Bridal Awards. I really enjoyed listening to you - and have received many good reviews from our attendees!"
ennifer Hines, Modern Bride Atlanta (8/2/01)

"Many thanks, over and over again for helping create a wonderful evening. We've gotten a lot of very positive feedback on the music, and I have given several people your web address..."
Lara Ferreira, Development Director, Seven Stages Theatre (Benefit 5/30/03)

As the band at 'Chocolate!', you helped to make this event what it is. A fantastically delicious and entertaining time for all. Without you and your quartet, this would never have come to fruition. Great job!
Jennifer Hilimire, Director of Special Events, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (1/27/04)

...and from my (4) years as Festival Music Director:

"For the past three years, David has moved up from his initial role as a member of the Live Music Stage committee to his present role as our "Impresario". David spends long hours and many weeks reviewing tapes and CD's from aspiring local musicians who wish to appear at this annual, highly rated event. There is no doubt that the quality of the musicians selected and their music is part and parcel of the reason this festival is an unqualified success. David is resourceful, intelligent, sensitive, kind, and very professional. I could not ask for more from someone to fulfill our needs for an excellent music program."
Arnold Gross Chairman Virginia-Highland SUMMERFEST (7/26/98)

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