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ATLANTA'S MOST WANTED ENTERTAINMENT would like to offer you professional entertainment services from Andrew Thielen Big Band for your special event!


The best Wedding Reception, Convention and Party Band on the east coast. Swing, Rock, Disco, R&B, Pop & Easy Listening, the Andrew Thielen Big Band plays it all!





The #1 Choice for a great evening. For the finest in variety entertainment call or email the Andrew Thielen Big Band now. This fantastic band has been the band of choice for Planet Hollywood, the House of Blues, Hilton Head, great Charleston weddings, other NC, SC, GA, VA, MD or FL gala events, huge corporate conventions and a PBS special.


From classic rock to disco and swing. This band is cool. Everyone is getting into big bands these days. Even the television show AMERICAN IDOL has been showcasing the big band because it makes all music sound so good. The Andrew Thielen Big Band makes every song great from the old tunes of Glenn Miller to the R&B hits of Aretha Franklin and the hot new songs of Norah Jones.


Best drummer you have ever seen. Guaranteed! The leader of this Big Band is Andrew Thielen, one of today's best Big Band drummers. Thielen has played in drum battles with drumming superstars Louie Bellson and Ed Shaunnessy. A great drummer will make your party swinging, rocking, grooving and hopping all night long





Superb male and female singers bring the house down. The Andrew Thielen Big Band not only has great instrumentalists, but it is their fantastic vocalists and the variety of music they deftly perform that really sets this band apart. You'll hear standards like "Almost Like Being In Love," and "The Way You Look Tonight," as well as as RESPECT, I WILL SURVIVE, MUSTANG SALLY, Pink Cadillac, Get The Party Started, BROWN EYED GIRL and more.


Want a sensational sound and show for the perfect evening? A Big Band like the Andrew Thielen Big Band has a lush sound on ballads that will move your heart and swell emotions. On rock, swing, disco and R&B the Andrew Thielen Big Band can be downright sizzling and electrifying. To present a strong balanced sound the Andrew Thielen Big Band even carries it's own $20,000.00 sound system. The Andrew Thielen Big Band has great vocalists, is polished, has flashy numbers, performs hundreds of weddings and corporate events, knows every kind of song you can imagine and will make your occasion the talk of the town.





Technical requirements of the Big Band. In an effort to save you any extra expense this Big Band is as self sufficient as possible. We carry our own PA system that is perfect for every venue. We have our own speakers, microphones, cables, lights, amplifiers, keyboards and more. We even carry our own risers and folding chairs for our musicians. Here are some things we need from you.

a.. Outlets: 2 or 3 regular 110-volt outlets.
b.. Free soft drinks for the band members.
c.. If outside our sound & band equipment needs to be covered from the rain or hail.
d.. Staging: We have numerous ways to set up our Big Band to fit smaller rooms and narrow stages. If the stage is small or shallow of depth, sometimes we put the saxophone section on the floor right up to the dance floor. Sometimes if the stage area is narrow but wide, we set up in a V shape or as we call it, the flying wedge. But, if you want to set up a nice size stage for us and space is not a problem, we can fit everyone on a 16' deep by 20' wide stage. Venues over 3 hours driving time from Myrtle Beach. Rooms or lodging: If we drive over 3 hours from North Myrtle Beach we generally request 6 to 8 hotel or motel rooms. You can find us accommodations or we can find our own motel rooms and just add the cost to our fee. Food: If we travel over 3 hours or if we are playing a wedding or dinner dance, don't forget we need to eat too. A deli plate with sandwich meat, soft drinks, chips & cookies is usually fine with us. If you were planning a nice meal for your guests we would like a plate for each band member as well. We are fine with a separate dining area away from your guests. Set up: We usually need at least two hours to set up all our sound equipment, risers, lights etc. Finding the band members a separate room to put their coats, horn cases, and more away from your guests etc., is also a great idea. If you are using us in a festival we can set up quickly if you already have the sound equipment and an sound engineer or technical assistant in place.

When should the Big Band start to play and for how long? We have played over 350 weddings, festivals, fund-raisers, concerts and dinner dances. So please believe us when we tell you the following:

Have the band start playing when dessert is served. We are an exciting Big Band that plays music that ranges in volume from soft to loud, sometimes twice in the same song. Our music is played at a volume that makes people want to dance and listen attentively. It is virtually impossible to play an hour of soft dinner music with this size band while people eat and talk casually at a table. It is an equally difficult task to be musically unobtrusive and subdued for an hour and then convince your audience that later in the evening we will be back as an exciting dance and show band.

For your dinner music, we prefer to play a cd or tape of soft, soothing music through our PA system. Then when the Big Band starts later in the evening, there is a real festive "show-time" atmosphere present. This new energy and LIVE music thrills the crowd and gets the partying kicked off right.

How long do you play? We have learned that three hours of live music is perfect for a dance. That is just enough time for everyone to be sufficiently entertained and fulfilled. Three hours leaves your guests feeling delighted with the music and wishing for just one final goodnight song or a "last dance". A four hour dance on the other hand is a marathon. This length of time is so long it is anticlimactic. Timing IS everything.

Cost Cutting Measures

a.. Arts Council Grants: If we are playing for the public at your event call your local arts council and ask them for a grant application. We are on the approved artist roster for NC, SC and elsewhere.
b.. Labor: If you can supply us with load in help we can sometimes reduce our cost a little.
c.. Weeknights: The band is usually a little cheaper on weeknights. Some Fridays can be less expensive too. Bargains can also be found in slower months like early November, March and early April.
d.. Annual Events: If you want to make an annual event around our performances like many folks do, (e.g. WECT TV Sounds of Summer, Spring Swing at the Provision Company, the Coastal Concert Series, Tuesday Tunes, etc.), we can sometimes give you a better rate.
e.. Professional Sound Company: If you have already hired a professional sound company to do your festival or outside concert series, than this can possibly save you some money when hiring our band.
For best choice of dates call or email now! For more information and very reasonable pricing call or email the Andrew Thielen Big Band today. This ensemble carries its own lights, sound, risers and matching formal wear for ease of planning, use and logistics. WE ALSO HAVE MANY SET UP ARRANGEMENTS OF THE BAND TO FIT EVEN THE SMALLEST OF ROOMS OR STAGES

Ask about our other groups. Within the Andrew Thielen Big Band we also have jazz and classical pianists, combos, easy listening duos, jazz trios, ceremonial trumpet players, stringed ensembles and more to make your wedding, corporate event or holiday party spectacular


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